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“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” - a quote attributed to Mark Twain but apropos for today’s PR industry. I’ve seen several pieces of late, written by journalists and bloggers who appear rushed to sound the death knell over public relations. “New media and Web 2.0 changed the game,” they say, “and make public relations obsolete.” Fact is - public relations expertise is more relevant, more important today than ever before. Search engine marketing, social network marketing, Web 2.0 applications and the like have all served to increase - not decrease - the value and demand for high-quality public relations. Doomsayers don’t get it. They think PR is all about writing a press release or getting a story in a magazine. Now that print media is in decline, they say PR is on it’s way out as well. They never understood that press releases and published artic... (more)

Medical Recruiting In the Digital Age

IN MY last post, I wrote about the premature sounding of the death knell for public relations. I’ll go a step further and say that, the need for adept public relations skills is actually growing and is more critical today than ever before. In fact, the use of strategic PR has begun to dominate areas that were once the sole responsibility of completely separate corporate functions. A clear case in point is employee recruiting. Once the exclusive domain of the Human Resources department, recruiting has quickly evolved into a PR/marketing function. Recruitment expert, Jim Durbin re... (more)

Fixing Your B2B Website

 As a PR pro, I am often asked to review and comment on existing websites. In many cases, a company has just plunked down thousands of dollars on a website makeover only to find the results disappointing (at best). No wonder. Websites are often designed and created by HTML or PHP experts, not marketing pros. The end result is a site with lots of animation, java-run menus and clickable pages. It may also have a smattering of imbedded SEO code or even an associated blog. Unfortunately however, coding experts rarely have the marketing expertise to ensure the site’s success. With tha... (more)

Earthquake Relief Fundraising Efforts

Text donation played a big role in Haiti relief efforts As most everyone knows by now, on January 12, 2010 Haiti was all but leveled by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. And while TV news played a big role in informing the world about developments related to this disaster, it was non-traditional digital communications that really stole the show. It was cell phones and websites, Twitter and blogs, personal websites and social networks that called the world to action and resulted in one of the most successful relief support (donations) efforts ever conducted. Soon after the word of the ea... (more)

The Art of Rule Breaking

XXXXXXXXXX The "Big Carl" breaking the rules I LIKE BREAKING the rules. If done right, it can get you valuable attention, make you stand out and even give you a huge competitive edge. It can, of course, also get you into trouble. With that in mind, I’ve always been drawn to that age-old edict “You must know the rules before you can break them.” I first heard this pearl of wisdom as it relates to music theory. The rule says you must play “X” but you can break the rule and play “Y” instead… if you understand how and why it works. Famous broken rules (and I will tie this to market... (more)